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 MCT Guide to CEO Battle - Part 4

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Miss Cuddles Twinkletoes


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PostSubject: MCT Guide to CEO Battle - Part 4   Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:52 am

Miss Cuddles Twinkletoes Guide to Toontown’s Chief Executive Officer Battle

Note: This post is Part 4 of a 5 Part Series

Part 1: Waiter’s Battle
Part 2: Serving the Banquet
Part 3: 2nd. Cog Battle
Part 4: CEO - Final Battle
Part 5: Stock Options

CEO Battle: Part 4: CEO - Final Battle

To defeat the CEO spray him with seltzer or use golf balls to slow him down.

The CEO can only be defeated with seltzer. Run up near a table. Don’t jump on it yet. The best spot is the side of the table opposite the CEO. That way it is easier to keep an eye on him and be ready to jump on the table. First look at the CEO to see what attack he is planning; see attacks below. When the coast is clear, run up to the table and your toon will jump on it. Immediately press and hold down the ctrl key to charge the seltzer bottle. The more the charge meter is to the right the more range the spray will have. A gray charge in the meter means -2; a yellow charge is -4 and a red charge is -6. The meter will change colors automatically as it progresses towards the right. If the meter goes to the right past the red charge; the charge will be lost. Use the right and left arrow keys to aim at the CEO and release the ctrl key to spray the seltzer.

Attack him first; run to a front corner table right away in the beginning and seltzer him for a -4 before he even starts rolling. It’s possible to get a -6 on him from there on the first hit.

The CEO’s button on his chest changes from green to yellow to red then to flashing red as his health is depleated.

Golf Balls:
Hitting the CEO with golf balls helps slow him down making it easier for the seltzer toons to get a hit. If the CEO is hit with enough golf balls his treads will turn light red and progress to a deep dark maroon. The darker the tread the slower he goes. If the toons are unable to turn the CEO’s treads red after (I’m working on how many) minutes; then all toons should resort to using the squirt bottle only. It’s similar to a stunless CJ, which happens when too few toons are stunning to get the Evidence Timer/+10 Toonup in which case all toons should throw evidence in the pan.

CEO’s 5 Different Attacks and Countermeasures:
Each boss makes certain motions before they do a specific attack. Once we figure them out we can watch for them and take evasive maneuvers.

Attack 1: CEO says “Fore!” and targets all toons with multiple golf balls.
When the CEO says “Fore!” back away from him as fast as you can because he is going to hit the spot you are standing on when he says “Fore!” with multiple golf balls. Each golf ball is -15 laff.

All 4 attacks can be countered with the following strategy:
As quickly as possible press and release the [Esc] key to leave a table or golf tee; then immediately press the down arrow key and ctrl key together to back away from him while jumping. Use Right or Left arrow key to keep the CEO in your view while avoiding his golf balls and gears. Try to keep your eye on him while backing away to see what his next attack will be. Don’t stand near a wall or corner; because then there is no room to back up. As soon as the CEO’s golf balls vanish; immediately run back towards your seltzer or golf tee but not onto it. Keep watching the CEO to see which toon he targets next. Sometimes the CEO will do three or more “Four!” attacks in a row. Between each attack; run towards the CEO, your table or golf tee and away from the wall; that leaves room to back up each time when multiple attacks come quickly in a row. Other times the CEO will look directly at the toon he’s targeting. If the CEO is targeting your toon; repeat the countermeasure. If he is targeting another toon, jump back on your table or golf tee. This is the countermeasure for all 4 of his attacks.

Attack 2: CEO targets one toon with multiple golf balls.
When the CEO looks directly at your toon and draws his golf club back and right (CEO is a lefty.) immediately use the countermeasure described above. When he swings he will send multiple golf balls to the spot where you were standing. Golf ball hits are -15 laff.

Attack 3: CEO targets one toon with multiple gears.
This gesture is so quick I haven’t determined it yet. This is possibly CEO’s most menacing attack because the gears fly very quickly. Immediately follow the same countermeasure described in attack 1. Gear hits are -15 laff.

Attack 4: CEO rolls over one toon’s table.
When you see the CEO look at your toon and then roll directly at you; jump off your table. Immediately follow the same countermeasure described in attack 1. If you are on the table when he rolls over and squashes it; it’s -??? laff. Note: It’s -??? even if he only hits a tiny corner of the table.

Note: I’ve used “???” for where I don’t have exact values. I’ll fill them in as I find them.

Attack 5: Toon touches CEO.
If a toon bumps into the CEO it’s -15 laff.

Final Battle - Toon-ups:

1. Snacks
The 4 different snacks provide toons with a toon-up ranging from +1 to +4.

2. Toon-up Unite Phrases
Be alert for toon’s comments on toon-up UNITE! phrases. Some toons try to gather all the toons needing a toon-up near entrance door using speedchat phrases; “This way!”; “Let’s us toon-up!”; “I got it!” Phrases like that. The toons gather tightly together so hopefully the UNITE will toon-up all the toons who come. Keep jumping near the toons back there. If the CEO attacks it will help you jump the gears and golf balls.

Final Battle - Timers

Timer 1: Reorganize
If the CEO battle lasts more than ??? minutes; then the CEO will “Reorganize.” CEO’s club will turn from white to flashing green. One conveyor belt will stop working; snacks will only be available on the other. CEO’s attacks will increase to -30 laff for golf balls, -??? for gears, -??? for running over a toon’s table and -??? for bumping into him.

Timer 2: Downsize
If the battle lasts more than ??? minutes; then the CEO will “Downsize.” CEO’s club will turn from flashing green to flashing red. Both conveyor belts will stop working; there are no more snacks. CEO’s attacks will increase to -??? laff for golf balls, -??? for gears, -??? for running over a toon’s table and -??? for bumping into him.
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MCT Guide to CEO Battle - Part 4
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