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 Create a photo Album!

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Romeo Toppenzap

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PostSubject: Create a photo Album!   Fri Jan 11, 2008 2:22 pm

You will now be able to take screenshots and post them here in your own album! I've added a "gallery" tab under the main photo up top. Click gallery and you should be able to click to create an album..have fun! remember to hit F9 during momentus occasions, victory dances, when you receive trophies, new super gags, do a confetti dance when awarded the highest level gags. Take a screen shot, then locate it in

my computer, program files, disney online, Toontown.

in there you'll see lots of camera icon files titles screenshot with dates next to them. I view mine, remname them and save in my pictures for easy finding. Then I delete them from the program file.

Have Fun!!!!! hope to see lots of pics uploaded!!!! Hey grown ups...if doing a victory dance with one of our youngung, maybe take the shot yourself and post it to take notice of them1 they will squeal with delight when they see their pic posted in the forum with a big congratulations!!! (Kinda like miss Cuddles with her lawbot Key! Getting recognized by someone in the battle with her when she didnt even know such a thing was recorded!) VERY NICE!!!!
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Create a photo Album!
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