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 Oh No!

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Romeo Toppenzap

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Registration date : 2007-03-08

PostSubject: Oh No!   Fri Jan 11, 2008 1:08 pm

I see many of our old toontown tips and tricks posts are no longer displayed! I will try to figure out if I can get them back! Sad I will ned to figure out how to manage this forum better to hold onto things longer! Stickys stay, so I will try to set things as stickys. I'm sorry cuddles if I lost all the time consuming work you posted here ;(. rying to post the New am runtimes as a sticky and cant remember how! UUGGHH, they changed their administration panel format, I hav eno clue what I am doing! You had such gooe charts and tips here!

In the meantime everyone, there is a ver professional site we get all the checklists and what not at, it is

They know what they are doing there! but here we can find each other easily, all us SF's!

I'm working on getting old posts back! Hope I can, I have a note to the main guy!

(Romeo Toppenzap/Ham Patti)
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Miss Cuddles Twinkletoes


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PostSubject: Old Tips and Tricks   Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:41 am

I have copies of all my notes. Smile

The good news is that as I send them to new friends, I update and condense them. I add all we have learned together to them; making them even better.

I'll post the new updates as I see the old posts dropping off the fourm.

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Oh No!
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