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 Toontown Trading Cards - Fish

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PostSubject: Toontown Trading Cards - Fish   Thu Nov 08, 2007 10:36 am

Hi Everbody,

I received 2 new Toontown Fish Trading Cards in my snail-mail yesterday. Smile

The 8 to 12 lb., very common Frozen Fish can be caught in the Brrrgh.

The 7-15 lb., very common Dog Fish;
the 8-20 lb., rare Bull Dog Fish'
the 1-5 lb., rare Hot Dog Fish;
the 3-7 lb., common Dalmation Dog Fish and
the 1-2 lb., very Common Puppy Dog Fish
can all be caught in Donald's Dock.

That's Toontown's offical information for these fish.

Have fun fishing!
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Toontown Trading Cards - Fish
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