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 Address for Toontown Shops Q thru Z

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PostSubject: Address for Toontown Shops Q thru Z   Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:03 am

Address for Toontown Shops Q thru Z
From Toontown Central Neighborhood thru Donalds Dreamland Neighborhood

Shop: Quentin's Quintessential Quadrilles, Owner: Quentin, Address: MM:Tenor L01
Shop: Ragtime Drycleaners, Owner: Scott Poplin, Address: MM:Alto L01
Shop: Rake It Inn, Owner: Leif Pyle, Address: DG:Elm R11
Shop: Rastafarian Clothing, Owner: Bob Marlin, Address: MM:Tenor L11
Shop: Reel 'em Inn, Owner: Rod Reel, Address: DD:Seaweed R06
Shop: Relax The Bach Chiropractors, Owner: Moe Saj, Address: MM:Tenor R17
Shop: Relax to the Max, Owner: Max, Address: DL:Lullaby R06
Shop: Rem Optometry, Owner: Dr. Blinky, Address: DL:Pajama L08
Shop: Rest Rooms, Owner: Attandant Abe, Address: MM:Alto R12
Shop: Riff's Paper Plates, Owner: Riff Raff, Address: MM:Alto R07
Shop: Rip Van Winkle's Wrinkle Cream, Owner: Rip, Address: DL:Pajama L09
Shop: Road Salt and Pepper, Owner: Mindy Windburn, Address: TB:Sleet R08
Shop: Rock to Sleep Quarry, Owner: Rocco, Address: DL:Lullaby L12
Shop: Root 66 Diner, Owner: Pete Moss, Address: DG:Maple L12
Shop: Root Beer Afloats, Owner: Bonzo Bilgepump, Address: DD:Seaweed R09
Shop: Rubber Chicken Sandwiches, Owner: Chewy Morsel, Address: TC:Punchline R09
Shop: Rudderly Ridiculous! Jokes And Novelties, Owner: Rudy Rudder, Address: DD:Lighthouse L12
Shop: Run Around Taxi Service, Owner: Brian Beachead, Address: DD:Seaweed R04
Shop: Rusty Buckets Cleaning Supplies, Owner: Rusty Ralph, Address: DD:Lighthouse R07
Shop: Salmon Chanted Evening Formal Wear, Owner: Fishy Frank, Address: DD:Barnacle L01
Shop: Sandman's Sandwiches, Owner: Sandy Sandman, Address: DL:Pajama L15
Shop: Sawing Wood Slumber Lumber, Owner: Sweet Slumber, Address: DL:Lullaby L15
Shop: School Of Vine Arts, Owner: Professor Ivy, Address: DG:Oak L05
Shop: Schumann's Shoes for Men, Owner: Tim Tango, Address: MM:Tenor R14
Shop: Seagull Statue Store, Owner: Cindy Splat, Address: DD:Lighthouse L01
Shop: Seltzer Bottles (and Cans!), Owner: Sid Seltzer, Address: TC:Loopy R01
Shop: Seminars Hardy Har Har, Owner: Dr Sensitive, Address: TC:Punchline R03
Shop: Seven Seas Cafe, Owner: Ted Calm, Address: DD:Lighthouse R09
Shop: Shakey's Snow Globes, Owner: Shakey, Address: TB:Sleet L07
Shop: Shave And A Haircut For A Song, Owner: Barbara Seville, Address: MM:Alto L15
Shop: Shiverin' Shakes Malt Shop, Owner: Mr. Sneeze, Address: TB:Sleet R14
Shop: Shut-Eye Optometry, Owner: Dr. Bleary, Address: DL:Lullaby L16
Shop: Sidesplitter's Mending, Owner: Sasha Sidesplitter, Address: TC:Loopy R03
Shop: Silly Statues, Owner: Pink Flamingo, Address: DG:Maple R08
Shop: Silly Stunts, Owner: Rollo The Amazing, Address: TC:Silly L08
Shop: Silver Linings Jewelers, Owner: Starry Knight, Address: DL:Lullaby L11
Shop: Sing Solo We Can't Hear You!, Owner: Quiet Francesca, Address: MM:Baritone R03
Shop: Skiing Clinic, Owner: Henry The Hazzard, Address: TB:Walrus L07
Shop: Sleeping Beauty Parlor, Owner: Honey Moon, Address: DL:Pajama R11
Shop: Sleepless in the Saddle All Night Pony Rides, Owner: Cowboy George, Address: DL:Pajama L13
Shop: Sleepy Time Pieces, Owner: Jacques Clocks, Address: DL:Lullaby R07
Shop: Snail Mail, Owner: S. Cargo, Address: DG:Oak L08
Shop: Snails For Sale, Owner: Wynn Bag, Address: DD:Seaweed R10
Shop: Snore Or Less, Owner: Bertha Bedhog, Address: DL:Lullaby R14
Shop: Snow Big Deal! Crisis Management, Owner: Hysterical Harry, Address: TB:Walrus L09
Shop: Snow Bunny Ski Shop, Owner: Vidalia VaVoom, Address: TB:Sleet R04
Shop: Snow Whitening, Owner: Blanche, Address: TB:Polar R11
Shop: Snowball Hall, Owner: Lounge Lassard, Address: TB:Walrus R06
Shop: Snowman's Land, Owner: Eddie the Yeti, Address: TB:Polar L03
Shop: Snowmen Bought & Sold, Owner: Wynne Chill, Address: TB:Sleet L02
Shop: Snowplace Like Home - Home Furnishings, Owner: Frosty Fred, Address: TB:Sleet L13
Shop: Snowshoes You Can't Refuse, Owner: March Harry, Address: TB:Polar L07
Shop: Snug as a Bug Rug Dealer, Owner: Bed Head Ted, Address: DL:Pajama R12
Shop: Snuggle Inn, Owner: Snuggles, Address: DL:Lullaby R01
Shop: Sofa Whoopee Cushions, Owner: Nancy Gas, Address: TC:Punchline L01
Shop: Solar Powered Thermal Blankets, Owner: Solar Ray, Address: TB:Sleet L05
Shop: Soles Repaired While You Wait, Owner: Flappy Docksplinter, Address: DD:Barnacle L07
Shop: Sonata Your Fault! Discount Auto Insurance, Owner: Sid Sonata, Address: MM:Baritone L08
Shop: Soup and Crack Ups, Owner: Sally Spittake, Address: TC:Loopy R05
Shop: Soup Forks, Owner: Dan Dribbles, Address: TC:Silly R10
Shop: Spaghetti And Goofballs, Owner: Chef Knucklehead, Address: TC:Loopy R10
Shop: Spill The Beans Detective Agency, Owner: Detective Lima, Address: DG:Oak R08
Shop: Spring Rain Seltzer Bottles, Owner: Wet Will, Address: DG:Maple R09
Shop: Squash and Stretch Gym, Owner: Coach Zucchini, Address: DG:Oak R09
Shop: Squid Pro Quo, Attorneys At Law, Owner: Sheila Squid, Atty, Address: DD:Barnacle R09
Shop: Squid's For All Your Seaweed Needs, Owner: Sid Squid, Address: DD:Seaweed L01
Shop: St. Benard Kennel Club, Owner: Snooty Sinjin, Address: TB:Walrus R07
Shop: Subzero Sandwich Shop, Owner: Sandy, Address: TB:Walrus L06
Shop: Suction Cups and Saucers, Owner: Clovinia Cling, Address: TC:Loopy L07
Shop: Sunday Funnies Ice Cream, Owner: Cindy Sprinkles, Address: TC:Punchline R10
Shop: Tackle Lunch Boxes, Owner: Ted Tackle, Address: DD:Lighthouse L04
Shop: Take It Or Leaf It Pawn Shop, Owner: Pamela Puddle, Address: DG:Maple L09
Shop: Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training, Owner: Wispering willow, Address: DL:Pajama L18
Shop: Tee-Hee Tea Shop, Owner: Madam Chuckle, Address: TC:Silly L15
Shop: Tenor Times Newspaper, Owner: Luciano Scoop, Address: MM:Alto L05
Shop: That's A Moray! The Eel Deal, Owner: Emily Eel, Address: DD:Seaweed R01
Shop: The All Tucked Inn, Owner: Tabby Tucker, Address: DL:Lullaby R13
Shop: The Baritone Barber, Owner: Barry, Address: MM:Baritone R04
Shop: The Blizzard Wizzard, Owner: Lil Oldman, Address: TB:Walrus R16
Shop: The Borrowed Chord Pawn Shop, Owner: Fran Fret, Address: MM:Tenor L06
Shop: The Chattering Chronicle, Owner: Blake Ice, Address: TB:Sleet R03
Shop: The Clam Bake Diner, Owner: Pearl Diver, Address: DD:Lighthouse L11
Shop: The Dandy Lion Exotic Pets, Owner: Dan D. Lion, Address: DG:Maple L10
Shop: The Flying Pie, Owner: Ned Slinger, Address: TC:Punchline L09
Shop: The Frozen Nose, Owner: Grumpy Phil, Address: TB:Sleet R01
Shop: The Happy Times, Owner: Happy Heikyung, Address: TC:Silly R15
Shop: The Hogwash & Dry, Owner: Babbles Blowhard, Address: TC:Silly R03
Shop: The Kaboomery, Owner: Shorty Fuse, Address: TC:Loopy L05
Shop: The Karnival Kid, Owner: No Clerk, Address: TC:Punchline R02
Shop: The Laughin' Place, Owner: Honey Haha, Address: TC:Silly L13
Shop: The Melting Ice Cream Bar, Owner: Sticky George, Address: TB:Walrus L08
Shop: The Merry Mimes, Owner: Silent Simone, Address: TC:Silly L06
Shop: The Mostly Toasty Bread Co., Owner: Baker Bridget, Address: TB:Walrus R09
Shop: The Musical Fruit Diner, Owner: Stinky Jim, Address: DG:Maple L04
Shop: The Punch Line Gym, Owner: Franz Neckvain, Address: TC:Punchline L05
Shop: The Reel Deal, Owner: Blisters McKee, Address: DD:Seaweed R03
Shop: The Salad Bar, Owner: Caesar, Address: DG:Oak R01
Shop: The Sanguine Penguin, Tuxedo Shop, Owner: Happy Sue, Address: TB:Walrus R03
Shop: The Schmaltzy Waltz School Of Dance, Owner: Corny Canter, Address: MM:Baritone L15
Shop: The Shovel Hovel, Owner: Pickaxe Paul, Address: TB:Polar L09
Shop: The Sleepy Teepee, Owner: Dances with Sheep, Address: DL:Lullaby L09
Shop: The Snooze Bar, Owner: Snoozin' Susan, Address: DL:Playground
Shop: The Squirting Flower, Owner: Sofie Squirt, Address: DG:Maple R11
Shop: The Sweater Lodge, Owner: Jonny Cashmere, Address: TB:Polar R06
Shop: The Syncopation Corporation, Owner: Randy Rythm, Address: MM:Tenor R08
Shop: The Teli-Caster Fishing Television Network, Owner: Telly Prompter, Address: MM:Tenor L03
Shop: The Ternary Exoctic Birds, Owner: Dana Dander, Address: MM:Tenor L14
Shop: The Toupee Chalet, Owner: Donald Frump, Address: TB:Polar R03
Shop: The Treble Chef's Cooking School, Owner: Cliff Cleff, Address: MM:Alto L16
Shop: The Yo Ho Stop And Go, Owner: Dinghy Dan, Address: DD:Lighthouse L07
Shop: This Oar That, Owner: Heave Ho, Address: DD:Seaweed L05
Shop: This Transom Man Custom-Tailored Suits, Owner: Porter Hole, Address: DD:Lighthouse L09
Shop: Tickle Machines, Owner: Feather Duster, Address: TC:Silly R07
Shop: Timbre! Equipment for the Singing Lumberjack, Owner: Lumber Jack, Address: MM:Baritone L14
Shop: Tina's Concertina Concerts, Owner: Tina, Address: MM:Baritone R15
Shop: Toboggan or Not Toboggan, Owner: Toboggan Ted, Address: TB:Walrus R18
Shop: Tom-Tom's Drums, Owner: Tom, Address: MM:Alto R19
Shop: Toon Tunes, Owner: June Loon, Address: MM:Baritone R01
Shop: Toontown Bank, Owner: Banker Bob, Address: TC:Playground
Shop: Toontown Cinerama - Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip, Owner: No Clerk, Address: TC:Silly R09
Shop: Toontown Library, Owner: Librarian Larry, Address: TC:Playground
Shop: Toontown Playhouse - Steamboat Willie, Owner: No Clerk, Address: TC:Silly R20
Shop: Toontown Post Office, Owner: Postmaster Pete, Address: TC:Loopy R09
Shop: Toontown Schoolhouse, Owner: Professor Pete, Address: TC:Playground
Shop: Toontown Sign Factory, Owner: Bill Board, Address: TC:Silly R04
Shop: Toontown Theatre - Traffic Troubles, Owner: No Clerk, Address: TC:Punchline R04
Shop: Tooth Fairy Dentristy, Owner: Dr. Floss, Address: DL:Pajama R05
Shop: Trellis The Truth! Private Investigators, Owner: Samantha Spade, Address: DG:Maple R12
Shop: Trim The Nail Boutique, Owner: Barnacle Bessie, Address: DD:Barnacle R10
Shop: Trowels And Tribulations Bookstore, Owner: Whiny Wilma, Address: DG:Maple L08
Shop: Tuba Toothpaste, Owner: Minty Bass, Address: MM:Alto R10
Shop: Tuft Guy Gym, Owner: Lars Bicep, Address: DG:Maple L06
Shop: Tuning Forks And Spoons, Owner: Offkey Eric, Address: MM:Alto R15
Shop: Ursatz for Really Kook Katz!, Owner: Tabitha, Address: MM:Tenor L12
Shop: Used Clown Cars, Owner: Loony Louis, Address: TC:Silly L17
Shop: Used Firecrackers, Owner: Smokey Joe, Address: TC:Loopy L02
Shop: Used Firewood, Owner: Ashy, Address: TB:Walrus R01
Shop: Used Groundhog Shadows, Owner: Shady Sadie, Address: TB:Polar R08
Shop: Used Life Preservers, Owner: Gary Glubglub, Address: DD:Barnacle R01
Shop: Vanishing Cream Going Fast!, Owner: Nona Seeya, Address: TC:Loopy L01
Shop: Vege-Tables And Chairs, Owner: Vegetable Vern, Address: DG:Elm R03
Shop: Vine and Dandy Menswear, Owner: Vine Green, Address: DG:Maple L11
Shop: Visible Ink, Owner: No Clerk, Address: TC:Loopy L04
Shop: Vocal Chords Braided, Owner: Thelma Throatreacher, Address: MM:Baritone L02
Shop: Wagner's Vocational Violin Videos, Owner: Wagner, Address: MM:Tenor L04
Shop: Wait and See Goggle Defogging, Owner: Dr. Peepers, Address: TB:Polar R01
Shop: Wake-Up Call Phone Co., Owner: Rooster Rick, Address: DL:Pajama R07
Shop: Waltzing Matilda's Dance School, Owner: Waltzing Matilda, Address: DL:Pajama R08
Shop: We'd Be Gone Travel Agency, Owner: Greg Greenethumb, Address: DG:Maple L05
Shop: Weird Beard's and Disguise Shop, Owner: Sneezy Kitty, Address: TC:Silly L07
Shop: Wet Blanket Party Planner's, Owner: Grumpy Gordon, Address: DL:Pajama L12
Shop: Wet Suit Dry Cleaners, Owner: Mrs. Starch, Address: DD:Barnacle L02
Shop: What A Mezzo! Maid Service, Owner: Martha Mopp, Address: MM:Tenor R18
Shop: What's Canoe With You?, Owner: Wilma Wobble, Address: DD:Lighthouse R08
Shop: What's Up Dock, Owner: Davey Drydock, Address: DD:Lighthouse L08
Shop: White Noise For Girls And Boys, Owner: Holly Hiss, Address: MM:Baritone L04
Shop: Wholly Mackerel! Fish Market, Owner: Felicia Chips, Address: DD:Lighthouse R13
Shop: Windjammers and Jellies, Owner: Gusty Kate, Address: DD:Seaweed L08
Shop: Winter Storage, Owner: Blue Lou, Address: TB:Sleet L16
Shop: Winter Wonderland Walking Club, Owner: Treading Ed, Address: TB:Polar R09
Shop: Wiseacre's Noisemaker's, Owner: Will Wiseacre, Address: TC:Loopy R11
Shop: Wok The Plank Chineese Food, Owner: Gang Wei, Address: DD:Seaweed L11
Shop: Wynken, Blynken & Nod, Attorneys at Law, Owner: Lawful Linda, Address: DL:Pajama L11
Shop: Yacht's All Folks, Owner: Captain Yucks, Address: DD:Barnacle L05
Shop: You Sleigh Me, Sleds & Beds, Owner: Santa Paws, Address: TB:Sleet L06
Shop: You Snooze, You Loose, Owner: Skinny Ginny, Address: DL:Pajama L03
Shop: Your Snow Angel, Owner: Dallas Borealis, Address: TB:Polar R10
Shop: Yuki's Ukeleles, Owner: Yuki, Address: MM:Tenor L13
Shop: Ziggy's Zoo of Zigeunermusik, Owner: Ziggy, Address: MM:Tenor R03
Shop: Zipp'y Zingers, Owner: Zippy, Address: TC:Punchline R07
Shop: Zither Here Nor There, Owner: Detective Dirge, Address: MM:Baritone L13

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Address for Toontown Shops Q thru Z
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