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 Address for Toontown Shops A thru G

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Miss Cuddles Twinkletoes


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PostSubject: Address for Toontown Shops A thru G   Thu Nov 08, 2007 7:55 am

Address for Toontown Shops A thru G
From Toontown Central Neighborhood thru Donalds Dreamland Neighborhood
Note: R10 indicates #10 on the Right; L2 indicates #2 on Left, etc.

Shop: 14-Carrot Jewelers, Owner: Tammy Tubber, Address: DG:Maple R06
Shop: 14 Karat Goldfish, Owner: Sharky Jones, Address: TC:Loopy R13
Shop: A Better Quilt, Owner: Paisley Patches, Address: TB:Polar L01
Shop: Able-Bodied Gym, Owner: Rocky Shores, Address: DD:Seaweed R07
Shop: Accidental Insurance, Owner: Lightning Ted, Address: MM:Alto R08
Shop: Accordions If You Want To Be In, Just Bellow!, Owner: Steffi Squeezebox, Address: MM:Baritone L03
Shop: Affordable Goosebumps, Owner: Gus Gooseburger, Address: TB:Walrus L02
Shop: Ahab's Prefab Sea Crab Center, Owner: Ahab, Address: DD:Seaweed R11
Shop: Alice's Ballast Palace, Owner: Alice, Address: DD:Lighthouse L13
Shop: All For Nautical, Owner: Shep Ahoy, Address: DD:Seaweed R02
Shop: All Fun And Games Shop, Owner: Lazy Hal, Address: TC:Silly L03
Shop: All Smiles Tooth Repair, Owner: Dentist Daniel, Address: TC:Silly R02
Shop: All That Razz Dance Academy, Owner: Roz Berry, Address: TC:Silly L09
Shop: Alpine Chow Line, Owner: Bjorn Bord, Address: TB:Polar L02
Shop: Anchor Management, Owner: Doctor Drift, Address: DD:Lighthouse L05
Shop: Anna's Cruises Travel Agency, Owner: Anna, Address: MM:Tenor R16
Shop: Antartic Antiques, Owner: Granny Icestockings, Address: TB:Walrus R14
Shop: Apples and Oranges Debate Society, Owner: Judge McIntosh, Address: DG:Oak R04
Shop: April's Showers And Tubs, Owner: April, Address: DG:Oak L02
Shop: Armadillo Pillow Company, Owner: Tex, Address: DL:Pajama R14
Shop: Artie Choke's Neckties, Owner: Artie, Address: DG:Elm R01
Shop: Art's Smart Chart Mart, Owner: Art, Address: DD:Seaweed L06
Shop: Asleep at the Wheel Car Repair, Owner: Drowsy Dave, Address: DL:Pajama L04
Shop: Astroturf Mowers, Owner: Rocky Raspberry, Address: DG:Maple R07
Shop: Aunt Artic Soup Shop, Owner: Aunt Artic, Address: TB:Sleet L10
Shop: Aunt Farming Supplies, Owner: Aunt Hill, Address: DG:Oak L04
Shop: Auntie Freeze's Radiator Supply, Owner: Auntie Freeze, Address: TB:Walrus L05
Shop: B-Sharp Fine Menswear, Owner: Handsome Anton, Address: MM:Baritone L10
Shop: Bait and Switches Electrical Shop, Owner: Electra Eel, Address: DD:Barnacle R03
Shop: Baker's Dozin' Doughnuts, Owner: Fidgety Bridget, Address: DL:Pajama L16
Shop: Barbarashop Quartet, Owner: Harmony Swell, Address: MM:Alto R11
Shop: Barely Palatable Pasta, Owner: Crunchy Alfredo, Address: TC:Punchline L03
Shop: Barley, Hops, And Malt Shop, Owner: Begonia Biddlesmore, Address: DG:Maple R01
Shop: Barnacle Bargins, Owner: Barnacle Barbara, Address: DD:Seaweed L07
Shop: Be More Pacific Ocean Notions, Owner: Pacific Tim, Address: DD:Seaweed L04
Shop: Bed of Roses Florist, Owner: Rose Petals, Address: DL:Pajama R13
Shop: Bed Time Stories, Owner: Babyface MacDougal, Address: DL:Lullaby L08
Shop: Bednobs & Broomsticks Movie House, Owner: No Clerk, Address: DL:Pajama L05
Shop: Berried Treasure, Owner: Barry Medly, Address: DG:Elm L05
Shop: Bert's Dirt, Owner: Bert, Address: DG:Maple L01
Shop: Big Mama's Bahama Pajamas, Owner: Big Mama, Address: DL:Lullaby R02
Shop: Billy Budd's Big Bargain Binnacle Barn, Owner: Billy Bud, Address: DD:Barnacle R08
Shop: Black-Eyed Susan's Boxing Lessons, Owner: Susan, Address: DG:Elm L06
Shop: Blackbeard's Beauty Parlor, Owner: Choppy McDougal, Address: DD:Barnacle R11
Shop: Blue Glue Direct 2 You, Owner: Sticky Lou, Address: TC:Loopy L12
Shop: Blue News, Owner: Lowdown Sally, Address: MM:Alto L02
Shop: Bottled Cans, Owner: Weird Warren, Address: TC:Loopy L08
Shop: Bubble Bird Baths, Owner: Sanjay Splash, Address: DG:Elm R13
Shop: Bud's Bird Seed, Owner: Bud, Address: DG:Elm R08
Shop: Buoys and Gulls Nursery School, Owner: Professor Plank, Address: DD:Seaweed L12
Shop: C-Flat Tire Repair, Owner: Gummy Whistle, Address: MM:Baritone L11
Shop: Call It a Day Calendars, Owner: Afta Hours, Address: DL:Lullaby L10
Shop: Canned Bottles, Owner: Spamonia Biggles, Address: TC:Silly R23
Shop: Cantaloupe Bridal Shop, Owner: Honey Dew, Address: DG:Elm L02
Shop: Canticle Your Fancy Gift Shop, Owner: Leed Guitar, Address: MM:Baritone R09
Shop: Canto Help You, Owner: Mel Canto, Address: MM:Alto R06
Shop: Cap Size Hat Store, Owner: Topsy Turvy, Address: DD:Lighthouse R04
Shop: Carry A Toon Movers, Owner: Sluggo Songbird, Address: MM:Alto R09
Shop: Casa De Castanets, Owner: Carlos, Address: MM:Alto R17
Shop: Cast-Iron Kites, Owner: Rick Rockhead, Address: TC:Loopy R06
Shop: Cat Nip for Cat Naps, Owner: Kathy Nip, Address: DL:Lullaby R03
Shop: Catchy Toon Apparel, Owner: Tom Hum, Address: MM:Alto L20
Shop: Cat's Pajamas, Owner: Cat, Address: DL:Pajama L10
Shop: Chattering Teeth Subzero Dentist, Owner: Dr. Mumbleface, Address: TB:Sleet R09
Shop: Chin Rest Pillows, Owner: Viola Padding, Address: MM:Alto L11
Shop: Choppin Blocks (And Other Kitchen Supplies), Owner: Curtis Finger, Address: MM:Baritone L07
Shop: Choral Wreaths, Owner: Groovy Garland, Address: TB:Polar L12
Shop: Chortle Cafe, Owner: Charlie Chortle, Address: TC:Loopy L09
Shop: Claggart's Clever Clovis Closet, Owner: Claggart, Address: DD:Lighthouse R14
Shop: Clean Sweep Chimney Service, Owner: Flue Lou, Address: TB:Polar L10
Shop: Clock Cleaners - Movie, Owner: No Clerk, Address: DL:Lullaby L04
Shop: Clothing Shop, Owner: Tammy the Tailor, Address: TC:Playground
Shop: Cloud Nine Design The Sky's The Limit, Owner: Dreamy Daphne, Address: DL:Lullaby L03
Shop: Clown Class, Owner: Professor Binky, Address: TC:Silly R16
Shop: Club 88, Owner: Disco Dave, Address: MM:Alto L19
Shop: Coda Pop Musical Beverages, Owner: Cammy Coda, Address: MM:Tenor R09
Shop: Cold Air Balloon Rides, Owner: Ifalla Yufalla, Address: TB:Walrus L10
Shop: Common Time Watches, Owner: Karen Cloclwork, Address: MM:Tenor R15
Shop: Compost Office, Owner: Postman Felipe, Address: DG:Elm L04
Shop: Con Moto Cycles, Owner: Hanna Hogg, Address: MM:Tenor L09
Shop: Cool Cat Hats, Owner: Sam Stetson, Address: TB:Polar L08
Shop: Couch Potato Furniture, Owner: Uncle Spud, Address: DG:Oak L06
Shop: Counting Sheep-So You Don't Have To!, Owner: The Countess, Address: DL:Pajama R09
Shop: Crack of Dawn Repairs, Owner: Charlie Chamberpot, Address: DL:Lullaby L18
Shop: Crack Up Auto Repair, Owner: Lucy Tires, Address: TC:Loopy L06
Shop: Crib Notes - Music To Sleep By, Owner: Lullaby Lou, Address: DL:Lullaby L05
Shop: Crop Top Barbers, Owner: Barber Bjorn, Address: DG:Elm R07
Shop: Curl Up Beauty Parlor, Owner: Smudgy Mascara, Address: DL:Lullaby L07
Shop: Daffy Taffy, Owner: Daffy Don, Address: TC:Silly L12
Shop: Dance Around The Clock Shop, Owner: Happy Feet, Address: MM:Alto R05
Shop: Dawn's Yawn & Garden Center, Owner: Dawn, Address: DL:Pajama L07
Shop: Deep Sea Diner, Owner: Dinah Down, Address: DD:Seaweed R08
Shop: Deep Sleep for Cheap!, Owner: Professor Yawn, Address: DL:Lullaby R04
Shop: Designer Inner Tubes, Owner: Chappy, Address: TB:Sleet R06
Shop: Dew Drop Inn, Owner: Inkeeper Janet, Address: DG:Elm L07
Shop: Diced Ice at a Nice Price!, Owner: Choppy, Address: TB:Sleet R12
Shop: Dime & Quarterdeck Bank, Owner: Captain Carl, Address: DD:Barnacle L04
Shop: Dirt. Cheap, Owner: Uncle Mud, Address: DG:Oak L03
Shop: Disembark! Tree Surgeons, Owner: Linda Landlubber, Address: DD:Barnacle R12
Shop: Do, Rae, Me Piano Keys, Owner: Fa, Address: MM:Alto L17
Shop: Docker's Diner, Owner: Dinah Docker, Address: DD:Lighthouse L10
Shop: Dog Paddles, Owner: Ned Setter, Address: DD:Lighthouse R12
Shop: Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators, Owner: Nat, Address: DL:Pajama R02
Shop: Doppler's Sound Effects Studio, Owner: Fran Foley, Address: MM:Baritone R13
Shop: Double Reed Bookstore, Owner: August Winds, Address: MM:Baritone R02
Shop: Down Time Watch Repair, Owner: Sarah Slumber, Address: DL:Lullaby R08
Shop: Downhill Diner, Owner: Giggles McGhee, Address: TB:Sleet R15
Shop: Dr. Fret's Dentistry, Owner: Dr. Fret, Address: MM:Alto L18
Shop: Dr. I. M. Euphoric, Owner: Dr. Euphoric, Address: TC:Silly L05
Shop: Dr. Pulyurleg, Chiropractor, Owner: Dr. Pulyurleg, Address: TC:Punchline L02
Shop: Dr. Tom Foolery, Owner: Dr. Tom, Address: TC:Silly L04
Shop: Dream Jobs Employment Agency, Owner: Zen Glen, Address: DL:Pajama R03
Shop: Dream On Talent Agency, Owner: Harry Hammock, Address: DL:Pajama L19
Shop: Dreamboat, Marine Supply, Owner: Mark the Lark, Address: DL:Pajama L14
Shop: Dropping Degrees Diner, Owner: Fanny Freezes, Address: TB:Sleet R11
Shop: Ducks Back Water Co., Owner: Carla Canal, Address: DD:Seaweed L03
Shop: Easy Chair Lifts, Owner: Lazy Lorenzo, Address: TB:Walrus R02
Shop: Ed's Red Bed Spreads, Owner: Ed, Address: DL:Lullaby L02
Shop: Ellie's Elegant Elegies, Owner: Ellie, Address: MM:Tenor L07
Shop: Etude, Brute? Shakespearian Theatre Co., Owner: Julius Wheezer, Address: MM:Baritone R14
Shop: Every Little Bait, Owner: Charlie Chum, Address: DD:Barnacle R06
Shop: Eye Of The Potato Optometry, Owner: Dr. Spud, Address: DG:Elm L01
Shop: Eye Of The Storm Optics, Owner: Dr. Friezeframe, Address: TB:Walrus R08
Shop: Fast Freddy's Fretless Fingerboards, Owner: Fast Freddie, Address: MM:Tenor L02
Shop: Fifi's Fiddles, Owner: Fifi, Address: MM:Alto R18
Shop: First Security Blanket Bank, Owner: William Teller, Address: DL:Pajama L17
Shop: Flats Sharpened, Owner: Gee Minor, Address: MM:Alto L10
Shop: Flower Bed and Breakfast, Owner: Rose, Address: DG:Oak R02
Shop: Flowery Flute Fleeces, Owner: Flim Flam, Address: MM:Tenor L05
Shop: Flutterby's Butterflies, Owner: Flutterby, Address: DG:Elm R10
Shop: Fly By Night Travel Agency, Owner: Orville, Address: DL:Pajama R01
Shop: For Good Measure Expert Tailor, Owner: Tootie Twostep, Address: MM:Alto R02
Shop: For Richer or Snorer, Owner: Susan Siesta, Address: DL:Lullaby L19
Shop: Four-Part Harnonicas, Owner: Wilma Wind, Address: MM:Baritone R08
Shop: Four Score Antiques, Owner: Abraham Armoire, Address: MM:Alto L03
Shop: Fourty Winks for the Price of Twenty, Owner: Winky Wilbur, Address: DL:Lullaby L01
Shop: Frank's Pranks, Owner: Frank Furter, Address: TC:Silly R19
Shop: Fred's Red Sled Beds, Owner: Fred, Address: TB:Walrus R11
Shop: Fried Baked Alaskas, Owner: Colestra Awl, Address: TB:Walrus L12
Shop: From Fore To Aft, Owner: Salty Stan, Address: DD:Barnacle R05
Shop: From Start To Spinach Salad Bar, Owner: Big Galoot, Address: DG:Maple R02
Shop: Frosted Snowflakes Cereal Co., Owner: Colonel Crunchmouth, Address: TB:Walrus L13
Shop: Frosty Freddy's Frozen Frankfurters, Owner: Frosty Freddy, Address: TB:Walrus L11
Shop: Full Stop Shop, Owner: Patty Pause, Address: MM:Alto R03
Shop: Fungi Clown School, Owner: Fun Gus, Address: DG:Oak R07
Shop: Funny Bone Emergency Room, Owner: Nurse Nancy, Address: TC:Punchline R06
Shop: Funny Money Savings & Loan, Owner: Woody Nickel, Address: TC:Silly R18
Shop: Garden Hosiery, Owner: Lacy Underalls, Address: DG:Maple L07
Shop: Gifts With A Porpoise, Owner: Dante Dolphin, Address: DD:Seaweed L09
Shop: Go With The Flow Expert Plumbers, Owner: Walt, Address: TB:Sleet R10
Shop: Good Luck Horseshoe Crabs, Owner: Coral Reef, Address: DD:Seaweed L02
Shop: Goofy's Gag Shop, Owner: Clerks Clark & Clara, Address: TC:Playground
Shop: Gopher Broke Savings & Loan, Owner: Digger Mudhands, Address: DG:Maple L02
Shop: Gopher's Gags, Owner: Gopher, Address: DG:Elm R05
Shop: Grape Expectations Bookstore, Owner: Diane Vine, Address: DG:Elm L10
Shop: Grass Roots Campaign Headquarters, Owner: Timothy, Address: DG:Oak R03
Shop: Green Bean Jeans, Owner: Eugene, Address: DG:Oak L07

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Address for Toontown Shops A thru G
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